Rigger/Signal Person Certifications

CIC saves you time and money! In the past you would have had to take two written exams and two practical exams to get two different certifications. Now you can take two exams at one time and obtain an accredited Rigger and Signal Person Certification.

Combined Rigger & Signal Person Certification


  • Written exam, scoring and practical processing for hand signal exam - $149

Find out more about the full Rigger/Signal Person process

Qualified Rigger - Advanced Certification

(Rigger/Signal Person is a prerequisite for Advanced Certification)


  • Written exam, scoring and processing - $155

  • Practical exam, scoring and processing*

Fast Tests and Fast Results

Both the written and practical exam can be taken at one time and completed in as little as one hour.

If you choose to take your written exam online you will receive your results immediately, or within 10 days with a paper exam.

*Administration and location fees are set by examiners and exam sites. See Exam Sites for available locations or contact a QR – Advanced Practical Examiner to come to your location.


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