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What happens if I miss my scheduled exam?

Candidates may reschedule missed exams up to one year after the initial registration. Exam costs are transferred, saving you registration fees. A small reschedule fee of $50 will apply as do any written exam site seat fees. If you need to reschedule and notify CIC in advance of an exam, CIC Customer Support  will work with the sites and attempt to apply seat fees to the rescheduled exam date. We will assist you in selecting a time and location that is convenient for you. Call CIC Customer Support at 770-783-9262.

How can I be sure that a CIC Certification card is authentic?

A: CIC Certification cards feature a holographic image of the world globe, which are difficult to counterfeit. The image appears on the front of the card in multiple locations and is visible as the card is rotated. More...

Has OSHA extended the deadline for crane operators to be certified?
No. At this time, OSHA has only proposed an extension. Crane Operator Certification by type and capacity of crane gives operators a meaningful credential and offers employers worthwhile information about an operator's knowledge, skills, and abilities. Employers should not delay getting operators certified. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about OSHA's proposed delay and what steps employers should take to prepare. More...

What tests are required to become a certified crane operator?

Accredited certification requires written and practical exams. More...

What is the value of crane operator certification for employers?

This summary highlights the labor, productivity, safety and financial benefits. More...

What steps are required for re-certification?

OSHA requires operators to be re-certified every five years. CIC will re-certify operators who have valid certifications, and it accepts other nationally accredited certifications accredited by The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This certification must not have expired prior to your first CIC written exam date. More...

What is the advantage of taking a CIC written test electronically rather than on paper?

When candidates take electronic exams, the results are immediate, thus speeding up the entire certification process. A faster turnaround time means that the candidate receives his or her certification quicker. Electronic exams also cost less than written exams. And when necessary, the candidate has the ability to retest immediately. CIC has the lowest fees for OSHA-recognized, accredited certifications and electronic exams are the fastest and cheapest. 

When did CIC update its testing to comply with OSHA 2014 regulations that require operators be certified by type and capacity? CIC drafted updates to certifications in July 2010 and by November 2010 we were ready! A revised outline was sent to OSHA to verify that our test was updated. OSHA requires that CIC operators who certified before November 2010 to recertify (prior to) their expiration date to be compliant with the new OSHA regulation. Operators certified by CIC after November 2010 meet the OSHA regulations until their certification expires. CIC encourages certification or re-certification prior to the 2014 deadline and will re-certify operators with valid, accredited certification. Operators whose certifications do not meet the new OSHA requirements will receive special assistance to help them affordably comply.

Why do I need certification? OSHA requires all crane operators to be certified by 2014, but already many states and cities require certification.

Where can I take exams? CIC has both written testing centers and Practical Exam sites around the United States. The online registration will match you to the closest location.

When can I take exams? Most of our centers are open Monday–Friday from 9am to 5pm, but some locations have extended and/or weekend hours. The online registration provides the hours and addresses of the exam centers.

When do I get my results? Written exams taken online are scored immediately; paper-based Written Exams and Practical Exams are scored and results emailed within ten days. You will receive your certification card approximately ten days after all certification requirements are filled.

How do I request a replacement Certification Card? An operator certified by CIC may request a replacement certification card from CIC by calling 763-476-4242. Crane Institute Certification mails replacement cards within two weeks and charges $25 to produce and mail a new card.

Who do I contact to appeal a decision on eligibility, scoring or disciplinary actions? Contact Debbie Dickinson, CIC Executive Director, 3880 St. John’s Parkway, Sanford, FL 32771. For more information, see our Policies and Procedures.

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