Overview of Mobile Crane Operator Certification Process

There are only five basic steps to achieving certification.


  1. Confirm Your Eligibility
  2. Register & Pay Online
  3. Take Written Exams
  4. Take Practical Exams
  5. Receive Certification
After you have confirmed your eligibility, simply click the Registration tab and the system walks you through the process. Once registered, you will take written exams and a practical operating exam. After passing the certification exams and meeting other requirements (payment of fees; supplying digital photo and signing necessary forms), candidate's certification card is processed and shipped within 14 days from CIC listing the certification(s) earned.

The Crane Operator Candidate Handbook includes information on Eligibility and the steps and requirements for individuals applying for and taking Crane Institute Certification exams (initial and recertification).

How Scores are Determined

Candidates who demonstrate sufficient knowledge to be certified earn passing scores.  Pass/fail scores use a process, known as "criterion-based."  That means that pre-determined "cut-off" or pass/fail scores must be reached or exceeded for a person to pass.  Scoring has no relation to the performance of other examinees.  Each person who takes an exam is scored based on their own performance. 

The minimum passing score for each written examination is 50 and the top possible score is 80.  However, CIC has created a conversion application for states that require scores be reported in terms of 100 as the top score and 70 as the minimum passing score.  Industry experts were trained and dedicated themselves in multiple work sessions to rank and prioritize the importance of each exam question.  The experts verify relevance to the job; associate questions by domain and rate each questions' importance to the job in terms of what a minimally qualified person needs to know. 

Sample Score Reports are avaible for candidates to view.

Verification of Certified Individuals

Candidates, employers and crane boards can verify certifications by providing the Operator's Name or Candidate ID to CIC at or 844.546.3362.

Security Procedures

Candidate Security

Security procedures are mandatory to preserve and protect personal civil rights, business property rights, and the public trust. Candidates must bring the confirmation email that confirms the candidate’s exam date, location, and Candidate ID on the day of the exam and meet the requirements for Eligibility for Certification.

Exam Security

Candidates should not bring, or expect to store, bags and personal items not permitted in the exam area. Items not permitted include cameras, scan or transmitting equipment, cell phones, pagers, beepers, books and paper.

Candidates may not use or bring their own calculators to the exam area. Crane Institute Certification provides calculators that perform only basic math functions and are used only for supplemental exams. Since other types of calculators may pose a security risk, only the calculators provided, at no charge, by Crane Institute Certification are permissible. Candidates are required to sign the Exam Security Agreement before taking any Written Exam.