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Accommodations for Disabilities

Crane Institute Certification will provide reasonable accommodation to its testing process to individuals requesting such an accommodation in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In general, an accommodation will be made in the event that a disability is relieved by an auxiliary aid or a procedural change in the administration of an exam.

It is the responsibility of the candidate seeking an accommodation to notify Crane Institute Certification and 4ROI in advance of registering for the exam for which they are seeking accommodation. Please wait to hear if your accommodation has been granted before registering for the exam(s). Requests may take up to a month to review. The process of requesting an accommodation is also described in the Candidate Handbook.Click here for the Request for Accommodation Form.

The candidate will have to do the following:

  • List the exam types for which he is requesting an accommodation
  • Name the disability and when it was first diagnosed
  • List any previous accommodations provided for the disability
  • Describe the specific accommodation he is requesting
  • Provide documentation from a licensed care provider about the history of his disability and any past accommodation.

In the event that an individual is requesting an accommodation that is recognized under the ADA, and the request has been submitted in a timely and accurate manner, Crane Institute Certification will grant the accommodation at no cost to the individual requesting the accommodation.  The intent of the ADA is to provide equal access for all individuals to the testing process and to ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided to gain access to the process. Crane Institute Certification will not grant any accommodation that limits its ability to measure the ability of an individual to safely operate a crane as defined by the ASME Regulation for Mobile and Locomotive Cranes, B30.5-2004.