About CIC

The Crane Institute Certification (CIC) mission is to save lives by providing the following:

  • Accredited exams to the lifting industry
  • An easy, reliable process to follow
  • Fast, accurate results
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations for certification requirements


Crane Institute Certification is an independent certifying organization providing accredited certification for the crane industry.  CIC is incorporated under the requirements of Florida Statute Chapter 607.  CIC is a seperate and autonomous legal entity. The Articles of Incorporation specify that the "management and direction of the business and affairs of this corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors." The CIC purpose is to the meet the changing needs of the lifting industry by assessing the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform tasks required for operation of mobile cranes. Increasing access and decreasing the wait-time for accredited certification minimizes the risks to personnel, equipment and overall safety.  By fulfilling its mission and purpose, CIC raises the expectation that certification is the standard for the crane industry.  Effective 2014, OSHA will require the certification of crane operators by different levels of type and capacity. CIC’s mission is to provide the most affordable and valuable certification possible to help personnel comply with OSHA’s requirements. 


There are many advantages to choosing CIC!

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