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               CIC Now Accredited by
                   ANSI and NCCA


CIC Earns ANSI Accreditation for Mobile Crane Operator Certifications


Five CIC Certifications Receive Re-Accreditation from NCCA

*CIC Crane Operator Accreditations with:
ANSI: Small Telescoping Boom, Under 21 Tons; Medium Telescoping Boom, 21-75 Tons; Large Telescoping Boom, Over 75 Tons; Lattice Boom Crawler/Truck 1-300 Tons.

NCCA: Small Telescoping Boom, Under 21 Tons; Medium Telescoping Boom, 21-75 Tons; Large Telescoping Boom, Over 75 Tons; Small Lattice Boom Crawler/Truck 1-300 Tons.

Welcome to CIC

Crane Institute of America Certification offers NCCA accredited certifications for mobile crane operators (five classifications) and qualified and advanced riggers and signal persons. CIC meets OSHA requirements for crane operator certifications by type and capacity and rigger/signalperson qualifications. Exams are available in English and Spanish.

At CIC we are committed to offering the crane industry Nationally Accredited Certification Written and Practical Exams at a lower cost with no hidden fees.

With CIC you can complete one Practical Exam for up to five certifications and take exams where the questions and tasks are most relevant to real-world work sites. CIC led the certification industry by being the first to allow calculators during written exams!

At CIC we are committed to serving the crane industry by providing efficient and relevant certifications to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and industry best practices. Our active Governing and Advisory Boards are made up of experienced subject matter experts who help us provide the best certifications available.

Here's what industry professionals say about CIC:

"OSHA is now requiring crane operators to be certified by 2017. CIC is the best option I've found for nationally accredited certifications by type and capacity,"  says Tony Brown, Safety Consultant.

"Now that OSHA requires "qualified" riggers, we recommend CIC's affordable rigger/signal person certifications to comply with the requirement," says Mike Parnell, President of Industrial Training International, Inc. (ITI).

"I recently needed to register a candidate for exams that were to take place the next day. I sent an email to CIC after hours and was shocked and relieved when I received a call from your customer service representative that evening and took care of the registration immediately. The next morning another representative followed up to make sure the issue had been resolved. I appreciate the above and beyond service I received. It's a pleasure to do business with CIC."  — Travis Good, President, American Crane Operators


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